Immunoassay Kits

Candida latex 100 test kit – kit
Catalog Number: L2-100
EBOV IgG Capture EIA
Catalogue number: E15-060
Foil pouch and silica gel (pack of 10)
Catalogue number 100191
KAtex 100 test kit
Catalog Number: L3-040
KAtex 50 test kit
Catalog Number: L3-042
Microimmune Blocking Solution – 500mL
Catalog Number: MI20011
Microimmune Serum Diluent – 100mL
Catalog Number: MI2040
Microimmune Wash Buffer 10X – 500mL
Catalog Number: MI20024
Oracol – oral fluid collection device
Catalogue number 670510
Total Human IgG EIA (5-plate kit)
Catalogue number E14-105
TV latex 100 test kit – kit
Catalog Number: L1-100