All of the Clin-Tech products are manufactured in our facility in Guildford, Surrey by experienced and trained technicians.

Below is a list of Clin-Tech Featured products.

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Featured Products

Bouin’s Fluid (standard) – 1L
Catalog Number: 640961
Buffered EDTA (12.5%, pH 7.0) – 1L
Catalog Number: 640901
KAtex 100 test kit
Catalog Number: L3-040
Mayer’s Haemalum – 500mL
Catalog Number: 640405
Oracol – oral fluid collection device
Catalogue number 670510
Perls’ Prussian Blue Kit
Catalog Number: 631095
Sickle Test (100 test kit) – 100 tests
Catalogue Number: 610850
Sorensen’s Buffer pH 6.8 – pack
Catalog Number: 610210