About us

Clin-Tech was founded in 1968 and, in addition to its home base in the UK, has distributors in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Scandinavia. In association with other companies we tender for supply contracts world-wide.


Clin-Tech has been providing laboratories with stains, reagents and diagnostic kits since starting and manufacturing products in 1968 on the Westminster Industrial Estate, Faraday Road in Woolwich.  Then in March 2006 we moved from our address in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex to our current address in Guildford in leafy Surrey.

See our catalogue for more information on the following products:

  • Our stable Kleihauer reagents used in some 50% of UK Hospitals dealing with maternity cases.
  • Our range of Sickle-cell test kit sizes and companion sickle-cell controls.
  • Our Harris’s Haematoxylin has that been used as the stain of choice by UK Veterinary Laboratories Agency in the diagnosis of BSE in cattle for many years.

Microscopical stains are among our specialities.