Kleihauer / Shepard’s Stain Complete Kit

Catalogue Number: 610920-LU/610940-LU

Shepard’s Stain Kit (Modified Kleihauer) is used for screening and quantification of feto-maternal haemorrhage (FMH) in a maternal blood smear. This is one of Clin-Tech’s top selling products and has been manufactured by Clin-Tech for over 20 years due to continuous demand and popularity.

Foetal haemoglobin (Hb F) is less soluble in an acidic environment than adult haemoglobin (Hb A). A technique introduced by Kleihauer and modified by others exploits this difference in which a blood film is prepared and after fixation in alcohol, is concurrently acidified and stained with haematoxylin. Next, solubilised Hb A present in adult cells is eluted in an aqueous rinse step, and in the final step, Hb F contained in foetal cells are stained by eosin. In this way foetal red blood cells (stained red by eosin) can be distinguished from white cells (stained grey-purple by Haematoxylin) and the grey/pale pink adult red blood cells.

Contains 500 mL Haematoxylin (solution 1), 250 mL Ferric chloride (solution 2), 1000 mL Eosin counterstain or 1000 mL Erythrosine B 0.1% Counterstain (610940) and 1000 mL 80% alcohol fixative/diluent.

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