Sickle Test (25 test kit) – 25 tests

Catalog Number: 610830

A haemoglobin solubility screening test to detect haemoglobin S (Hb-S), the cause of cases of sickle cell anaemia and sickle cell trait

1 pack containing 5 bottles of 10 mL buffered saponin and 5 vials sodium dithionite reducing agent. Store refrigerated.

These kits are used to detect haemoglobin S (HbS), the cause of sickle-cell anaemia and sickle cell trait.

Clin-Tech offers Sickle Test kits in a range of sizes to suit your workload, and sickle-cell controls in a separate pack.

The working solution of test reagent is stable for up to one month if kept refrigerated. Sickle-Test controls are sold separately and should be stored frozen.

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